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Forex Policy

Latest Forex Rates

Eazyla obtains forex updates from our supplier on a daily basis. If the rate is not available for the day, the last available updated rate will be used. The price you pay in RM is automatically converted based on the latest RMB selling rate.

Forex Difference if Paid Offline

If you choose to pay using offline methods (transfer/deposit/send cheque) and the rate is greater (more RM/SGD/USD to buy RMB) on the day we receive/cash-in your payment, you will only need to top up the amount if the difference is greater than RMB 10.

For example, the rate when you placed order is 49.0000, your RMB subtotal is RMB100, so you pay RM49.00.
3 days later, we receive your payment and the rate is 49.2000 now. The RM value of your order becomes RM49.20.
You do not need to pay the difference since the difference is RM0.20, which is below RMB 10 per order.

Lower Rate

In the event of a lower RMB selling rate, we do not refund the difference, but this can be avoided if you send us payment within short period of time because the forex fluctuations is within 0.5% daily on average.