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Good Purchase Plan For Taobao Via Eazyla To Help You Save More Money

Raya is coming, do you know that you can save more money to buy all necessary products during Raya through ( one the the biggest and famous China Shopping Platform)? 

Do you know that planning ahead to buy necessary products  online is able to save more and always a smarter choice compare to last minutes shopping ?

As one of the best Taobao Agent in Malaysia, we encourage you to start your shopping now through our platform to avoid making last minutes, overpriced shopping experienced.

By Purchasing necessary products through in, you may able to purchase products which are 30% cheaper than local retail outlets.

Many of you may afraid that there would be risks to purchase through online platform, thus, is here to assist you to shop in is one the of best Taobao agent in Malaysia which provides one-stop solution in order to assist you to shop without any risk.

We help you to communicate and buy from the seller in China, and deliver the parcel to your door step safely. Besides, we also help you to source, buy, QC(quality check), photo service and deliver the parcel to you within 6-8 working days.

With our expertise and experience, you do not have to worry about the risks of online shopping anymore. Do look up for our testimonial in our website which majority of the comments are positive.

From our past experience, we would like to sum out some advices for online purchaser during Raya:

1.   Late Shipment

Many our customers might miss out the shipment of their parcel due to last minutes order placement. Thus, start preparing a list of the Raya products today and make the order as soon as possible.

Please ensure you check the Raya's shipment deadlines in our website before you made any order.

 2.   Always Track Your Order's Status

Sometimes there are some items may be out of stock. Hence the seller will get us back an email regarding the issue and we will notify buyers via email immediately.

However, some buyers do not check on their email frequently and hence causing the delay of the shipment. Therefore, you should have always track your order's status.

If you've found our that some items are not ship out within 3 working days, please contact our customer service immediately.

Lastly, making a huge saving in shopping  during festival's period like Raya is not impossible, you need to take action and start planning right now. For further enquiries regarding Raya's Shopping, please contact us.