Do not understand Chinese while shopping? Taobao English Portal will be your solution Taobao English Site which assists you in simplest way of shopping

Want to have a shopping experience in but do not understand Chinese? is one of the Taobao English site which integrated English in its buying process. There are a lot of people who doesn’t know about Chinese, however, this doesn’t stop them from pursuing good quality items at lowest price while they are shopping online.

Taobao English sites such as is designed for this purpose. With the integration of English in the shopping site, what you need to do is just to pick any product link in and just paste the link in our website. After that, you would just have to follow the step by step instructions in English to complete your order. You would not be afraid to press the wrong button as everything in the website would be guided by using the language that you have selected. Besides, as a Taobao English site, we have well trained customer supports which can communicate well in English as well. If you are facing any problem during your buying process, fell free to contact our customer service.

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