Additional Services

There are basically three additional services:

1Item Photo: 
This is an additional service which is provided by our hub.
If you're worrying on the items that you receive is not what you want, then you choose this services but it will only charge RMB 5. When all your items have reach our hub, the person in charge in the hub will takes photo on your items and send to us and of course you too.
If you found that the item is not correct on what you want, you can request us to send back the item to the seller but you or the seller will need to bear the local China courier fees.

This is an another additional service which is provided by our hub.
If you're worrying on the shipment which will cost you a lot with volumetric shipping fees as you choose to buy a lot of bulky items such as luggage, toys and so on. Then this will be one of your option to reduce the shipping cost by repacking your items and it only cost RMB 10. 
But please be aware that repacking may caused missing of some free gift because it maybe drop or the seller did not give during they post out. 

This insurance is provided by the hub to protect the missing of the parcel. Normally when the shipment is missing, the dex-i will only refund half of the pricing of the shipment or no more than USD 100. But with this insurance, the hub will bear the risk of missing shipment. 
But please be aware that the function of this insurance only cover the missing of the shipment but not the spoiled items and so on. 

Note: once you have confirm the additional services, then you cannot cancel anymore.