Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ on the shipment:

1. How do i track on my shipment after Eazyla stated it has ship out?
Once your order is shipped, you can track your order in your account to see where is the location of your goods.
There is two ways to track your shipment:
a. When your shipment has shipped and before reach Malaysia, please track as below:

Dex-i (Tracking number normally start with 999/888/825)
Kerry (Tracking number normally start with KECL)
Com1 (Tracking number normally start with 733)
Other: Here (Tracking number normally start with 607)

b. After your shipment has reach Malaysia, please track via the link below:

Skynet (Tracking numbers normally start with SZT/733/888/607):
ABX (Tracking number normally start with KECL/999):
Pos Laju (Tracking numbers normally start with EM):
GDEX (Tracking numbers normally start with 825):

2. Normally when you check your shipment has delivered Malaysia via Dex-i and DPE websites, but cannot track it at courier services Malaysia. Why?
It is because all shipments need 1-2 days to get clearance from the Customs Malaysia.

3. How many days i can receive my shipment after the day Eazyla has shipped?
It is normally take 6-8 working days for Normal Air Freight8-10 working days for Sensitive Air Freight.
For Sea Freight, it will takes 30-45 days to reach your door step.

4. I have enter the correct tracking number but cannot track it, how?
If you keyin the correct tracking number but no information after you track it, please email to us and ask, our email is Normally it will takes 2-3 days to ship to Malaysia if you found that your shipments' status are "In transit", "custom processing", "Held in Custom", "Estimated" and so on.

5. What if after 10 days, i still have not receive my shipment? How?
If you did not receive the shipment after 10 working days, please email to us -, Eazyla will request our logistic agent to check and investigate for you. When you email us, please remember give us your order number and tracking number as well in the email
Normally the logistic company will check and investigate on your shipment for 10-14 days, then they will get back to us. If your shipment has gone, Eazyla will file your shipment as lost and will get you compensation according our Insurance Policy.

6. If my shipment has missing/lost, Can i get the compensation?
Eazyla will only compensate up to half of the total value of the shipment or maximum compensation is USD 100Eazyla is highly recommended you to buy insurance for your shipment.

7. How to avoid custom tax?
Below are the suggestions from Eazyla's hub:
a. Try to avoid more than 10 kg shipment, or very large volume of shipment.
b. Separate into few shipments if you have ordered too many items.
c. Sensitive shipment will have higher chances to charge tax.

8. How long the shipment to be release if held by the custom?
According to Eazyla's past experiences, the custom will held the shipment and open it for inspection purpose and the procedure will takes up to 20-50 days.

9. If my shipment is charged by tax, who will bear it?
To be informed that Eazyla will not take responsible on the custom tax, all customer need to pay the custom tax.

10. If my items have broken/damaged, will Eazyla take responsible on it?
No, Eazyla will have no responsible on it and will not make compensation but we will help you to deal with the seller if possible.

11. Who will bear the shipping fees if the seller post out separate parcels without notify Eazyla?
For this case, it will happens but not often. If Eazyla found that the seller has posted out separate parcels with inform, the missed out parcels' international shipping fees will bear by the buyer due to the shipping fees is charged according the weight and volume. Please take note.

FAQ on order placement:

1. What is the term and conditions with place order from Eazyla?
Please visit and read here before place order - Terms & Conditions & Purchase Policy.

2. What to do after place order?
Please kindly update your payment and receipt, this will help Eazyla to check your payment and speed up on process your order.

3. After i make payment and update my payment, when will Eazyla process my order?
Eazyla will process all the orders which have make and update payment before 11am, or else, the orders will be process on next work day. 

4. Can i cancel my order?
You can cancel your order if you did not pay for it. But after you have make payment for your order, we do not allow any cancellation or refund. Also, our system will cancel the orders which has been more than 3 days without make payment.

5. Why my orders have been cancelled after 3 days?
Our system will cancel the orders which has been more than 3 days without make payment.

6. What will Eazyla do if the items is out of stock?
When our purchaser found that the item is out of stock, then we will use the alternative link that you have filled up. Or else, we will cancel and refund the items if you did not reply our email within 5 days. So, we're encouraging you all can fill up the alternative link which can easy for us to manage your orders.

6. How long will my items reach Eazyla's hub?
The lead time which the items reach Eazyla's hub normally is 3-7 working days. Sometimes the items will take more days to reach Eazyla's hub due to some reasons such as China holiday, unavailable of items by the sellers and Peak Seasons like double eleven and double twelve big sales day.

7. How long can i get the shipping fees after my order's items reach Eazyla's hub?
Eazyla's hub needs 1-2 working days to pack and update after all the items reach the hub.

8. After i make shipping fees, when will be my shipment ship out?
Eazyla's hub will ship out all the shipments which pay the shipping before 6:30pm on the same day. Else, the shipment will be ship out the next working day.

FAQ After receive the shipment:

1. What can i do if i receive the shipment which is less items/no enough items i purchased?
For this case, please take a few photo (Clear photo) on the shipment, and also snap a few photo (Clear photo) on the shipment which weigh it with the weighing machine because Eazyla's hub want to know how many kg/weight you receive and they will compare with the weight they packed. So, the hub can get compensation from the logistic company for youTo be informed that you MUST REPORT TO US and SEND THE PHOTO (Clear photo)TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS. Or else, the hub will fully ignore the case after 24 hours.

2. What can i do if i receive the item which is different from the item i want to purchase?
Firstly, we would like to claim that we're purchasing agent, but we're not the seller/manufacturer, so we do not provide any return services. If you have received the wrong item, and you insist want to return/exchange a new one, please feedback to us by email us - within 24 hours. So, at least we can deal with the seller for exchange purpose with get the seller's return details for you. Or else, Eazyla will not entertain your request. 

Note: the risk of the wrong item could be happen:
1.The item you received may not exactly the same as per the picture from Taobao.
2.The item you received may has a few deviation such as long, width or height.
3.The item you received may not meet your expectation.
4.The item you received may damaged during shipping
5.The item you received may have quality issue/ defect item / wrong item / copyright issue from seller.

3. What if i found that the shipment is broken when it is deliver to me?
For this case, please reject and do not sign the shipment if the shipment has broken because at least our hub can request for compensation from the Logistic company, or else no one will take responsible if you have signed the shipment which has brokenYou also have the right to check the content and the quantity of the items in the shipment before you sign it.

4. If my items have broken/damaged after i receive the shipment, will Eazyla take responsible on it?
No, Eazyla will have no responsible on it and will not make compensation but Eazyla will help you to deal with the seller if possible.