Notice: 1. The China customs' inspection are still on going, please take note ya. 2. The Customs Malaysia very slow on clearance as too many shipments at Nov and Dec. 3. Skynet system down again and also delivery will be slow due to their warehouse now is overloaded.

Cheapest Way to Buy from Taobao – Malaysia & Singapore's Top Taobao Agent

Malaysia & Singapore Taobao Shopping Alternative is one of the Taobao agents in Malaysia and also Singapore which strives to provide easy, systematic and cost effective solutions for any business or individual in sourcing their goods in Taobao to their doorsteps.

As its name, Eazyla makes your life easier by providing top notch service assisting you to buy almost anything from the largest online shopping platform in China. There are a lot of ways to purchase items in Taobao from oversea, however, the crucial part is whether that are we able to find out the most simple and cost effective way to purchase the items that we want.

Although that Taobao nowadays has already initiated delivery services oversea to countries such as Taiwan, South East Asia, Hong Kong and so on, however, sourcing agents still play an important roles in respective countries, especially Malaysia and Singapore.

By ordering any product yourself from, you will need to handle all of the complicated procedures by yourself. You would need to have a credit card at least to make payment as it is not that easy for you to change your currency to RMB (Currency in China) from your local bank account.