The Reasons to Use Taobao Agent While shopping in Singapore

Singapore Taobao Online Shopping Alternative is a shopping agent who has made shopping easier and more convenient through buying goods and delivering them to the stated addresses. This gives shoppers the opportunity to do shopping in various renowned online stores such as without much struggle. As a result, people in Singapore have the opportunity to do convenient shopping for quality products from China some of which are not available in Singapore with just sitting in front of their laptops.

Through using a Taobao agent such as to shop in Singapore one can enjoy a wide range of quality products which are sold at discounted prices. Therefore, Singaporean can now enjoy convenient and simple Taobao Singapore shopping through using a local agent. Consequently, those who would like to enjoy convenient shopping should just register as users at and be able to access a wide variety of quality products from Here are the primary reasons for using Taobao Singapore agent to shop in Singapore.

1. Simple and Convenience

With a very low fee, helps you to solve all the hassle to purchase  almost every item from and some other online platform like Alibaba  and provides a one-stop solution like bargaining,  communicating, parcel tracking, out of stock handling, translating, shopping consultation, sellers’ trustworthy checking and many other services which make online shoppers easier.

2. Convenient Exchange Rates (Weekly Floating Rate)

One of the primary reasons for using a Taobao local agent to shop in Singapore is that the payment is done conveniently. This means that shoppers do not have to worry about foreign currencies or the exchange rates. This is because a competent agent such as Eazyla will convert the local currency using the weekly updated forex rates. As a result, the money submitted is just converted, and the value does not change even slightly. This eliminates the problem of looking for places to convert the currencies and also changing the currencies using high rates.

3. Discounted prices

Another important reason for using an agent to shop in Singapore is that one has chances of getting discounts. This is because a good agent such as Eazyla gives rewards to shoppers through enabling them accumulate points which can later be used as discounts. These points increase as one shop more and, therefore, the more one shops, the higher the number of points. 

Furthermore, shoppers in Singapore who has registered with a competent agent can also get points just by posting reviews. Therefore, using an agent to do Taobao Singapore shopping gives one chance of purchasing quality products at reduced prices through the discounts which are given depending on the points accumulated.

4. Quick Delivery 

While using a Taobao agent to do shopping one is also guaranteed for quick  delivery of the products purchased. This is facilitated by the fact that the agent will  deliver the products within 4 to 6 working days depending on one's location in  Singapore. All what a shopper needs to do is to select whether they want their products to be delivered using air freight or sea freight.
Furthermore, a person with an account with an agent just needs to login into the account and know the status of the order and delivery in real time. Therefore, while shopping using an agent one can relax and wait for the products bought to be delivered conveniently and within the minimal time possible.

5. Being Transparent applies a very transparent system in their website which they hide no hidden fee from online shoppers. Many Taobao Singapore agents have their system designed to  implement tons of  hidden fee so that they are able to promote their low service fee  to attract  customers. If you are familiar with foreign shopping, you will know there  will be  actually 2 parts of payment process, which first part is to pay the price of the items and second part is to pay the price of the shipping after the items are weighted. 
Some agents charge a very low fee or even free at the first part of the buying process and after you make your first payment and charge you very high on shipping. This is because that those agents know you have no other alternatives after you have made your first payment but to continue using their services.

6. Dully licensed

Another reason to use a competent Taobao agent like Eazyla is that Eazyla is dully registered. This gives people doing shopping the confidence and assurance that their products are protected even legally. Being licensed also shows that the agent is a profession and is serious in provision of the necessary services. Furthermore, being registered gives shoppers the freedom to follow up in case there is an issue in the transaction. Therefore, using a registered agent is a sure way that the products bought would be handled and delivered professionally.

7. Competent support 

Using a good shipping agent is also convenient because one can get the necessary support. This is simply done by calling during the right support hours which are nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening during week days except during public holidays unless otherwise stated. Upon calling one, is quickly received by professional and friendly support staff. Through the support, one can enquire, ask questions or lodge complaints which will be responded to within a short time.

8. Refunds 

While shopping using a Singapore agent, one also gets refunds in case the products purchased are out of stock or un-available. This means that while doing Taobao Singapore shopping one does not have to worry about paying for something that will not be available. The agent just deducts the amount of the available products and then refunds the rest of the money in case some of the products were not available. Therefore, people in Singapore who would like to enjoy convenient and simple online shopping from Taobao it is advisable to open an account by registering as user with a competent agent such as