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Features and Pricing

Service Fees

With the benefits above, our service fees schedule per order (one order can have more than one item) is as below:

Fees Per Order is 9% (There is a Paypal fees via Paypal / Credit Card)

Note: Service fees is charged based on goods price + China Local Shipping Charges, excluding International Shipping Charges

Total Price Calculation

Total Price = [(Goods Price + China Local Shipping) + Service Fees] + International Shipping (1st kg Intl Shipping Fee Prepayment)

And... that's all, no hidden fees, nothing else.

International Shipping Fees Schedule (Effective on 10th March 2020)

OVERSEA Shipping Fees 

**Note: From 11/3/2019, if the shipment is over 25 kg or volumetric ≧1.2cm3, there will be extra charge of RMB 200.**

  • Volumetric Weight : Physical dimensions (width X length X height) in cm / 5000, when the volume exceeds your goods weight,  volumetric weight will be used to calculate Air Freight Charges  (only on Air Freight). The volumetric weight as photo below:
  • Pricing Unit: Air Freight = 1kg (rounded up); Sea Freight = 0.1m3 (rounded up)
  • Normal Rate: This is the normal delivery rate for normal goods class.
  • Slow Freight Rate: This is the normal delivery rate for all goods class and it's calculate based on Volumetric Weight.
  • Sensitive Rate: This rate applies to sensitive goods class. By using this rate, the chance of being taxed is reduced. If the item is taxed, your tax payable could be covered up to 50%. (on a case-by-case basis). If you want to know more about it, please visit: goods classes .
  • Note:
    1. Once your shipment has been packed, then  no more re-pack or separate into two shipments.
    2. Please kindly  update your shipping payment through e-mail  and shipping tracking number will be provided after 7pm.
    3. To be informed that the notification of the shipping fees has  already deducted the prepaid of first Kg shipping fees (RMB 23).
  • Once your shipment has shipped, please track your shipment according the tracking number you have received. Please visit FAQ on the Shipment to learn how to track your shipment.

Key Features

Access to My Account Manage your account, orders, messages, rewards and more.
Easy Login One-click login using your social media accounts.
Email Notification Receive order, invoices and messages direct to your email.
SMS Notification Receive instant sms notification to keep you updated about your order, free of charge.
Payment Record Once your payment is received, we will send you a copy of your payment record.
EasyFill Convenient order placement, fill up an item in less than 30 seconds
Online Payment Pay with ease by Credit Card or PayPal.
Buyer's Privacy Your information are kept private unless Eazyla have your consent.
Seller Communication Eazyla handles communication with the seller about your order.
Up-to-date Forex Rates Pay in local currency based on the latest rates that provided by the currency Supplier.
Dispute Resolution Eazyla works closely with Taobao to resolve disputes.
Parcels Packed and Shipped Parcels are packed and shipped without being opened to prevent loss of items.
Deliver to Your Doorstep Just sit back and relax while waiting for your goods to come to you.
Tax Risk Reduction
You can choose to use the Sensitive Rate to reduce risk of tax.  Learn more
Domestic Tracking Track the real-time status and location of your items within China.
International Tracking Track the real-time status and location of your items when shipped internationally.

Get support response within 1 working day about any feedback or inquiries.
Returns or Exchange

Eazyla do not support returns or exchange of items currently. 
Tax Insurance Eazyla do not provide coverage for custom duties, but chances are very small 0-5%


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