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"Taobao", in Chinese, carries the meaning of treasure hunting. As the name suggests, offers many inexpensive yet quality goods on the largest online shopping platform that caters for the shoppers all over the world. It does not only help the shoppers to look for the products for their individual usage, it also opens up an opportunity for businesses to acquire their stocks at a very competitive price. 

As the result of globalization, the internet offers no boundary to an individual from any countries to perform online shopping at anytime and anywhere. has successfully eliminated the hierarchy of the trading process which may have included the involvement of distributors and retailers. Instead, Taobao has linked up the manufactures or main distributors to the end users directly which in other words, get rid of the unnecessary charges which could be incurred in that process.

How to Shop for Value Online?

Standing on an individual buyer point of view, it does not take ones to purchase in a real huge quantity to enjoy the sizable discount. Of course, buying in a large bulk allows the businesses to enjoy even more discounts which are a fair deal for both parties. Having replaced the 'outlets' or 'retails' with the online platform, it gives an edge for the manufacturers or distributors to lower down their operating cost magnificently, in turn they are able to offer their products at such low price as compared to the conventional way of running a business. 

The convenience of shopping online is prominent. First and foremost, we present you the largest ever platform from China at and at your fingertip where you are able to browse through the myriad of goods without having to step out from your cozy shelter.

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Introducing Taobao Agent

The emergence of the term 'Taobao agent' surely would not be alien to those who indulge themselves in online shopping. The community that engage with shopping in Taobao is ever increasing as this appears to be an easy way to access to one of the largest 'shopping malls', or better termed as a shopping platform in China. One would have wondered about the reliability of shopping online as you are not able to touch or feel the product before you make up your mind on your purchase. Nonetheless, years of progress see the rising influence of the Taobao's platform to a certain level of success that ranges from satisfying individual's needs to allowing businesses to acquire their products at a competitive price. 

Introducing, being one of the numerous Taobao agents, we hold strong on our mission of successfully providing a pathway to ensure online shopping become easier and more convenient to everyone with just a few clicks and buttons needed before you have your desired goods delivered straight to your doorstep. With the advance system being adopted, our dear customers are able to satisfy their shopping indulgence anytime anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet with any devices, be it a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone, you are always welcomed to pay a visit to our virtual mall that operates 7-24 to place your orders. Our dedicated crews will always be there to attend to your order during office hour and proper follow-ups will be done to ensure your order is placed accordingly.

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Assisting Small Medium Enterprise in Sourcing Industry

Apart of a platform for the end user to satisfy their shopping indulgence online, it also appears to be a podium for SME businesses to hunt for their products at a more competitive rate. Products available from China often come at a cheaper rate yet with respectable quality, this will even be more of a better deal when you are actually acquiring the products directly from the manufacturers or main distributors. Hence, it offers the businesses higher margin of profit as compared to going through few distributors with some further inflated rate. To further sweeten the deal, buying in bulk at will grant you some extra discount on the price when you hit certain tier.

With the ever increasing inflation that hits the economic badly, many individuals may want to start up some small businesses online by reselling the stuff purchased from Taobao or Tmall. This would have helped them to get some extra pocket money or even start some ventures to embark on the world of trading. This could be made easier with the emergence of facebook, wechat and other social medias which makes the posts easily exposed and accessible.

The Features from - Taobao Agent from Malaysia (Serving Over 5000 Clients Over the World)

In, we provide you a one-stop solution for the activities like bargaining, soliciting, parcel tracking, out-of-stock handling, translating, shopping consultation, sellers’ trustworthy checking and other services to be done easily. Furthermore, you do not need to undergo the troubling process of having to convert your respective currency to RMB at some currency exchange outlets with extra charges imposed. Eazyla readily does the conversion according to the weekly updated forex rates without imposing any foreign exchange fee. 

On top of that, we do encourage the spirit of sharing is caring with the implementation of point accumulating system which entitles customers to some even marvelous discounts. Purchase made under the registered account will be given reward points and further points can also be gained by introducing our site to your friends! More rewards can be discovered upon signing up with us!

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The Reasons to Purchase through of Purchase Directly from is a renowned Taobao agent that actively operates in Malaysia and Singapore, with the vision of providing simple, systematic and most importantly cost effective way for businesses or individual in sourcing for their goods in the Taobao platform. 

As the name suggests, Eazyla comes with the aspiration of extending top notch service by assuring your ordered goods from Taobao to be delivered to you safely and promptly within the period of promised timeline. Online shopping has been an upcoming trend whereby it exposes you to a myriad of decent goods at a further discounted price. However, it is always crucial to identify a reliable agent to ensure that your online shopping turns out to be a favorable experience. With this, Eazyla always appears to be at your disposal to make your online shopping experience a memorable one.

It is known that contemporary Taobao has introduced the direct delivery service to the regions such as Taiwan, South East Asia, Hong Kong and so on without going through the agents. However, sourcing agents still play a significant role in bridging between the buyers and sellers, allowing the demands and terms to be fully understood by both parties. 

Agents are responsible in the dealings with customers, whereby they need to make sure their demands to be conveyed to the sellers precisely. On the other hand, they also need to revert to the customers on the status of the delivery to ensure everything is on schedule. All in all, having a sourcing agent would be an answer for all the malaise that you would have faced in the whole process of online shopping. With the transparent system being adopted, it makes it very easy for the customers to track their purchase.

 In order to purchase the goods directly from, the individual will need to handle all the complicated procedures all on your own. First of all, you will need to acquire a credit card as the only medium of payment for However, certain Taobao agent like Eazyla does accept internet bank-ins as a valid medium for transactions to go through. 

This offers the shoppers an easier alternative to being part of the community to shop online without much hustle and bustle. On top of the convenience, paying using credit card through directly will incur an additional charge in your bill as a result of the currency exchange. (Applicable to Malaysians and Singaporeans) Apart from this, Eazyla will help you to deal with all the sellers which you want to buy the products from them. This is not an easy process to deal with the sellers due to some unscrupulous businessmen, carelessness, and other issues.

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